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About the carbib 

About the carbib®

  • 2 Sizes — Youth & Adults
  • Unique shape and fabric keeps spills
    off your clothes.
  • Conveniently folds up and tucks neatly
    next to your seat.

You’re in the car, eating breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Oops…the cup leaked and now some of the coffee is on your shirt. As you take a bite of that burger, oops…the catsup is on your lap.

Now, with the carbib® who cares where the spill landed.

The carbib® comes in 2 sizes, Adult and Youth, and comes
with an convenient middle pocket designed to easily handle
a variety of items, from cell phones to french fries.

The shape of the carbib® is specially designed to direct
spills away from your clothes and car seats, is water
resistant, and comes in several color choices.

* Shipping & Handling not included.

Don't wait until your next spill or worse, an accident.
Order your carbib®, NOW!
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