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Customize the carbib 

Customize the carbib®

Creating an identity for your business?

Place your logo on the carbib® and let it help your business develop it's brand identity.

  • Car Dealers, add a complimentary carbib® to your customers new car purchase. Your company logo will travel with your satisfied customers, as they shows off their new vehicle, reminding everyone which dealership helped make them so happy.

  • Realtors, add your logo to the carbib® and, while potential clients grab a bite to eat and spend an afternoon driving around looking for a new home, they won't have to wonder who can help them achieve their home ownership dreams.

  • Serve food to those drivers on the go? Add your logo to the carbib® and give them an added incentive to come back for more. And hey, if they decide to try something different, it'll still be your brand that will be protecting them while they eat that "other" food.

  • Support your local team and develop your brand identity at the same time. Place you local High School mascot on the carbib®, along with your logo, and let everyone know that your business is a proud supporter, and member, of the community.

No matter what the type of business, let the carbib® deliver your identity to the masses as it travels from place to place. Let the carbib® be your business card, or mini billboard, that people will show-off to everyone they know. Don't let the competition beat you to the punch, contact a customer service representative for details.


Custom Printing:

Setup Charge: $30.00 per color
Custom Artwork: $25.00 per hour

Options 500 1000 5000 10,000 15,000
1 Color $10.95 ea. $10.45 ea. $9.95 ea. $9.45 ea. $8.95 ea.
2 Color $11.95 ea. $11.45 ea. $10.95 ea. $10.45 ea. $9.95 ea.
3 Color $12.95 ea. $12.45 ea. $11.95 ea. $11.45 ea. $10.95 ea.
4 Color $13.95 ea. $13.45 ea. $12.95 ea. $12.45 ea. $11.95 ea.
Bulk shipping paid at cost.

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